Rotary Fellowships: service inspired by passion

By Jesse Davis, Rotary Programs staff

Throughout the month of June, in honor of Rotary Fellowships month, we will share unique stories from different Rotary Fellowships about the service activities they are undertaking, enhanced by their member’s shared interests and expertise.

Rotary Fellowships empower their members to pursue their passions and connect with new friends in Rotary from all over the world. Many Rotary Fellowships undertake service initiatives closely related to their group’s focus, whether it’s cleaning up a polluted river while on a canoe trip or providing opportunities for people to experience a new activity like fishing or boating. While most Rotarians join fellowships as an outlet for fun hobbies and meeting new friends, the unique service opportunities these groups offer keep their members especially active and engaged in Rotary.

Service opportunities exist all around us, and perhaps the best place to start when doing a ‘needs analysis’ is to look more closely at our own skills, interests, and resources. The stories we plan to share were undoubtedly enhanced because these Rotarians had a connection to their project that helped to provide confidence and sustain it over time. As the old adage goes, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” The same can be said in many ways about volunteer service, because when one is in the company of friends who share your interests, serving others is not only fulfilling, it’s fun.

The stories we plan to share with you will take us from the remote mountain ranges of Australia and the United States to one of the largest freshwater lakes in Africa, but fellowship activities take place every day in less exotic places too. Some of the most impactful stories we encounter happen on a scale that is hard to capture, and difficult to share, but are inspiring nonetheless.

Every Monday this June, be on the lookout for our selected stories. We hope they inspire you to join or start a fellowship and let whatever activity you’re most passionate about fuel your efforts to serve.



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