The Power of Crowdsourcing

By Mohamed Shedou, Rotary Programs staff

Success is always about the little actions that add up to something magnificent. This is also true of all the service projects that Rotarians undertake every year, everywhere in the world, in order to make people’s lives better. Every service project cannot happen without every single contribution, big and small, be it time, money, or expertise.

You might have read that Rotary has a new crowdsourcing platform for service projects, but what is crowdsourcing? And where does it fall in the lifecycle of a project?

Simply put, crowdsourcing is the collection of small contributions to make something big. That could be small amounts of money adding up to thousands of dollars, or small donations of volunteer time or materials that make a big project a reality.

Some of you might be more familiar with the term “crowdfunding”, in which a project uses a website to collect funds from hundreds, or thousands of people. Small contributions can add up to big resources. We use the term “crowdsourcing” to describe Rotary’s online tool, Rotary Ideas, because our platform allows a project to solicit not only funds, but also partners, volunteers, materials, or any combination of the four.

Rotary Ideas Homepage
Rotary Ideas helps Rotary projects benefit from the power of crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing can help because it uses the power of the Internet and social media. For example, if your project needs funds and you can accept payments through PayPal, this will make it easier than ever for Rotarians and non-Rotarians to make online contributions to your project. The more you can leverage your social media network, the more people will see your project listing, and the more contributions you’re likely to get.

Read more about how crowdsourcing through Rotary Ideas can help you with your next service project.

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