Rotary Family Health Days bring preventative health services to more than 350,000 in Africa

By Jesse Allerton, Rotary Programs staff


After tragically losing her son to AIDS in 1994, Marion Bunch, a member of the Rotary Club of Dunwoody, Georgia, USA, resolved to help other children with HIV. Ten years later, Marion founded Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS Prevention, Inc. (RFHA), a Rotarian Action Group helping clubs and districts plan and implement large scale projects related to the education, prevention, and treatment of HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

In 2011, RFHA piloted the Rotary Family Health Days program in Uganda and Kenya, reaching 38,000 people at 160 sites with an array of preventative medical services. The program has scaled up each year with the participation of thousands of Rotarians and the support of government agencies, health organizations, and private sector partners like Coca-Cola. This year, Rotary Family Health Days aims to reach 350,000 people in need of health services across Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Watch a documentary to learn more about the incredible impact that Marion and RFHA are making through Rotary Family Health Days.

Interested in joining RFHA or partnering on Rotary Family Health Days in 2015? Contact RFHA to learn more.

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