Microloans, the single largest anti-poverty tool?

By Ellina Kushnir, Rotary Programs. Original interview aired 1 April 2014 on Calgary West’s News Radio 770

Past District Governor Steve Rickard, District 5360, Canada, founder of the Rotarian Action Group for Microfinance & Community Development (RAGM), talks to Angela Kokott, host of Calgary Today, the afternoon radio program on Southern Alberta’s talk show powerhouse, NEWS TALK 770 (CHQR) about helping the poor empower themselves through microfinance programs.

“Microcredit is perhaps the single largest anti-poverty tool known to mankind” explains Rickard. “About one billion people are affected by microcredit today. The small loan borrowers are mostly women who pay back the money, with interest, on time. The  returned money is loaned out again, either to the same borrowers or to new ones, to help develop the community.” Listen to the full interview to learn how these small loans are used locally to help bring communities out of poverty.

Working on a club or district microcredit initiative? Connect with RAGM’s skilled subject-matter experts for assistance.

3 thoughts on “Microloans, the single largest anti-poverty tool?

  1. Microloans are extremely powerful in fighting poverty. Rather than blindly throwing money at poverty, microloans help connect lenders to real people with real projects.

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